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Saturday, January 07 2023

I use to move household furniture I stoped moving households. I dident want anything to do with that company, so I started moving other things hoping to keep far away from that company. I dont want to mention names but there still upto there old antics they havent learned anything yet, if i wanted to but i'm not because I try to do the right things by humanity.  Well back to what I was saying, I dont know what, do I have to get out of the moving industry alltogther, some people dont get the hint when you dont want anything to do with them, I believe in treat people how you want to be treated, I really always belived that but in the past few yrs, actually have practice it.  I know my grammer is off, but get this I dont care.

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Sunday, July 30 2017
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Sunday, July 30 2017

Some of my web sites include but not limited to:

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